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Our program can customised to suit your organisation objectives and its values. Just tell us what is your aims or we can consult you to offer what you are looking for! 



Here's a fantastic space where kids get to design and build their own invention using wood and many other materials. We provide workshop for the young creative mind where real tools are put into actions. Here we focus on developing creative thinking among young children through design, build, problem solving, discussion and planning are all equally important to develop that playful yet creative mind.

Alan has experienced with kids for over 4 years in creative art classes and over 20 years in youth transformation programme in Malaysia as well as oversea. Developing creative mindset has been his sole objective in his classes and he understand it's potential in shaping the young ones.


I G N I T E   T H E   E X P E R I E N C E

Create your own build  // Handling real tools  // Creative thinking // Problem solving // Idea discussion  //

Design Presentation // Much more...