(Adult Wood Basic)


This is an introduction to wood work for the adult from age 19 and above. You get to discover that nailing a nail into a wood is much easier than you tried 10 years ago and why there's 4 types of hammer in the workshop and their purpose. Besides nails and hammers, of course there's plenty of other tools you can pick up and see how much fun you can go about with it.

Build and bring back something home at the end of the session, it can be a stools, gift box or photo frame OR anything you can think off, as long it can fit into your car storage compartment!

This session is open to individual and groups.

Contact us for customise projects, we are always happy to accommodate!

Date: Mon - Sat

Time: 10:30am - 4:30pm

Fee: RM180.00 per person

I enjoy exploring my creativity with the help of experienced crafters Alan & Din. Their guidance helped in planning, executing and trouble shooting in my project. Discussions and feedback were helpful to achieve the finished item. It is a very humble experience and I hope it will further challenge me to be different and unique